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MGS facility and strategic plan feedback

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YHS Vision Statement

We envision Yerington High School as a learning community where:



1.  Learning is a lifelong process.
2.  The entire community should share the responsibility for student success and character development.
3.  The respect for individual and cultural diversity enriches and strengthens our community.
4.  Common goals provide clear direction.
5.  Students learn best in a safe, orderly and supportive environment.
6.  Teachers should use a variety of instructional methods with clear expectations.
7.  A good work ethic is essential to success.
8.  Students should be encouraged to participate in a variety of activities that promote cooperation.
9.  Positive transitions in and out of high school are key elements of success.
10.  Collaboration, collegiality and understanding are conducive to building a successful learning community.
11.  An individual’s effort determines his/her success.

Mission Statement

Preparing All Students for Success

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